Metal Seals

High-performance sealing solutions that are engineered to increase performance in critical applications

Technetics Group has designed and manufactured metal seals that will solve your tough sealing problems. Metal seals are used where other materials are unacceptable:

  • Size 1/8 to 45" (3.175mm to 1,143mm)
  • High Temperatures up to 2200°F (1204°C)
  • Low Temperatures down to  –423°F (-252°C)
  • Hard Vacuum to High Pressure
  • Extremes Environments; corrosive, radioactive, etc 
  • Reusable in many cases
  • Long Term Sealing; no material degradation
  • Infinite Storage Life

The majority of our seals are static seals; seals that function much like a gasket between two flanges that have little or no relative motion between them. Although we have a variety of standard seals, most of our spacecraft seals are custom-engineered for a specific application. Specifically engineered seal design allows the equipment designer to maximize performance and minimize weight without being constrained by standard seal configurations.

At Technetics Group, our metal sealing solutions are highly engineered products designed to work in critical applications. We have the capability to prove a design concept before it leaves our factories with state-of-the-art design software and test equipment that can replicate your applications' critical operating environments.




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