Advanced Coatings

Technetics Group is a world leader in the providing advanced coatings for critical applications.

The advanced coatings from Technetics Group allow you to improve your total cost of ownership, reduce lead-time and improve cycle life.

Coatings Capabilities

  • Thermal spray
  • CVD
  • PVD
  • Multiple booths
  • Multiple chambers
  • Auto shot peen
  • Heat-treating

Coatings Features

  • Porosity levels below 1%
  • High-bond tensile strength HVOF has a minimum bond tensile of 10,000 PSI
  • Surface temperatures exceeding 1000˚C
  • Application of dissimilar materials
  • Uniform and repeatable coating results (automated processing)
  • Resistant to abrasion wear
  • Enhanced erosion wear
  • Suitable for hard chrome replacement

Coatings Materials

  • Aluminides
  • NiCoCrAlY
  • TiN
  • Al
  • W
  • NiCrAlY
  • CoNiCrAlY
  • High Cr
  • AlF
  • Ceramics
  • Ti


Technetics Group has developed several proprietary deposition coating recipes designed specifically to enhance the service life of the component in demanding processing environments.

Coating Features

  • Conformal Plasma Enhanced CVD films / CVD AlF
  • Other films available upon request
  • Ultra clean, Class 100 and 1000 clean room MFG


  • Fluorine passivation/protection (AlF, Al)
  • Minimum contact area (Ti, TiN)
  • Wear improvement (Ti, TiN)